The Tozo T-10 Heaphpones.

I first began using these over three years ago after never being able to find the perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones to run with.

Pro: As a runner, Bluetooth changed my daily runs because no longer was I constricted by the cord!

Con: But – using Bluetooth – requires the headphones battery to be charged!

So, this one of the reasons I love the Tozo T-10. As long as the case is charged, it charges the headphones. So, they are always ready to go on my run with me.

Also, they are the perfect balance of quality and price. Headphones, I found, like sneakers, wear out. Even the wired ones. And that is why I’ve ordered 7 pairs in 3 years. (Not to mention if you lose one). But other headphones that claim to be “waterproof” simply don’t stand up to the amount of sweat that gets in and on them and wear out much quicker.

I’ve just come to live with the fact that I will have to buy a pair of headphones roughly every 6 months to a year. They are such an essential part to my running because unless I am racing, I always am listening to movies or podcasts.

Bonus: Usually one wears out before the other. So, I can use the one that still works when I’m not running for all my podcasts and streaming. I’m practically always listening to something in one ear.

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